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Stop Searching and Start Finding! The Best Local Business Guide is purposely simple. It's designed to quickly link you with great locally owned and operated services and businesses throughout the United States. If you're tired of weeding through countless search engine pages and just want to get results, you've come to the right place. Start your SEARCH now.

We have a simple narrowing system that will focus you right down to what you're looking for. We too are tired of countless advertisements that encumber our searches so those have also been restricted. If you like how our system works and would like to share with others, please do. You may also support our cause by purchasing some of our high quality, branded goods (STUFF).

The businesses and services that are listed do not pay to be here. This site is purely consumer driven. We rely on our users to bring to our attention great local businesses. If you know of a locally owned and operated business for a category, or we need to add a new city, please SUBMIT your referral and we'll get it posted.

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